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Halt selects Ordina for management and maintenance of centralised client tracking system

Halt has selected Ordina as its new partner for IT Management activities. The agreement for the management and maintenance of Halt’s so-called AuraH3 information system has a maximum duration of 4 years. This client tracking system, based on Microsoft.NET, supports the Halt punishment process and forms the basis for control information and management reports used by policy makers and decision makers. This assignment strengthens Ordina’s presence in the Public sector, particularly in the juvenile criminal justice chain. It also brings Ordina one step closer to achieving its ambition of further expanding its IT Management activities.

Halt contributes to the prevention and combating of juvenile crime. The Halt punishments as well as the prevention activities, form the operational hart of the regional Halt organisations. Youths, serving Halt punishments for shoplifting, frequent truancy or public disturbance for instance, have to complete learning assignments, apologise to their victims, compensate any damages they may have caused and, in several cases, complete work assignments. The youths’ parents are usually involved in these activities.

The Halt punishments allow youths to make amends for their offences, without facing the formal criminal justice authorities. Each year, approximately 18.000 youths between the ages of 12 and 18, receive Halt punishments. The client tracking system AuraH3 supports the Halt employees during the entire process of facilitating such a Halt punishment. Mutual undertakings are recorded in the system and it allows Halt employees to monitor whether assignments have been completed successfully, giving Halt employees insight into the entire process.

Arina Kruithof, Director of Halt: “Halt operates as the first link in the juvenile criminal justice chain, on the verge of prevention and punishment. Halt wants to further optimise its work processes, which requires that the (digital) delivery of information regarding the youths and their offences be arranged safely and reliably, in coherence with other systems (in the chain). Ordina has a proven track record in this area and display high levels of professionalism in delivering maintenance and control services.”

Barend de Zoete, Director of Ordina’s Professional Services & Projects division: “To us, Ordina’s selection as Halt’s It management and maintenance partner is an acknowledgement of our knowledge and experience in the IT Management arena as well as within the juvenile criminal justice chain. We are eager to apply this knowledge when working with our clients on realising long-term solutions. Close cooperation with our clients and short lines of communication allow us to participate actively in finding suitable solutions to their issues. We are proud of the fact that Halt recognises this flexibility and our personal approach and have selected us as maintenance and control partner.”