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Happy April Fools’ Day 2013!

Today is April 1, 2013 and represents April Fools’ Day, so readers should be ware of hoaxes and claims at news today.

Google has kicked off the April Fools day with the launch of a new treasure map mode on Google Maps. The Internet company also has made everything blue in Gmail. All characters, buttons, and menus are now blue.

Dutch Opticians group Specsavers is offering customers a special deal on a new product – a car windshield adapted to the strength of your eyes. No more glasses in the car, how nice would that be? Car owners can order a special windshield at the right strength via the website.

Sony has launched Headphones for dogs, cats and hamsters so that they can get in on the latest tech trends with its Animalia line of products — including a doggie TV and cat headphones — that are designed for a particular furry friend.

Sony created a fake webpage, complete with video, for the Animalia line. There’s also a hashtag, #techforpets, if you’re so inclined to tweet it.

Google made an announcement with Google Nose – the newest addition to the search engine’s capabilities.

Google Nose apparently allows users to search the ‘Aromabase’ of more than 15million Scentibytes then catch a whiff of everything from wet dog to dumpsters.

A video introducing Google Nose explains that the feature allows users to “search for smells.

There is also the announcement that YouTube will be shutting down after eight years and will no longer accept videos – to allow a panel of experts to pick the best video ever for when the site relaunches in 2023.

YouTube said every video on the site will be reviewed by a panel of judges and it will take 10 years to watch them all. The winner will be announced in 2023, when the site finally comes back online.

While we avoid tainting our news stories with April Fools jokes, did you find any April fools jokes today?

If you spot a good one please leave it in the comments. Thanks!