Happy 25th Birthday to .com!

Dot-com marks its 25th anniversary today. On March 15, 1985 the Internet received its first .com registration, when the Symbolics Computer Company registered Symbolics.com.

Two and a half years after the first registration, only 100 total .com domains existed. Among the early adopters included IBM, Intel, AT&T and Cisco. By 1992, there were still less than 15,000 .com domains registered and the million-domain mark wasn’t crossed until 1997, well into the Internet boom. Then came the “.com boom”, with nearly 20 million names registered in the next two years.

Today, .com has grown to more than 80 million dot-com domain names and has remained the most valuable domain extention on the internet.

While we know that the First dot-com domain 25 years ago was assigned to symbolics.com on March 15, 1985, the genesis of .com is less clear. According to Craig Partridge, chief scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies, the name for domains evolved as the system was created. At first, .cor was proposed as the domain for corporations, but when the final version came out it was switched to .com

Verisign has launched 25yearsof.com to celebrate this historic acheivement of the .com. Versign has created an incredible website with news, history, videos and celebrations throughout 2010.

In the last 25 years, .com has transformed nearly everything in our worlds from the way we shop, connect with our communities, how we think! These days, when everyone seems to have a Facebook profile, watching video on Youtube, tweeting or can Google themselves.

Do you miss the old days, before the dot-com revolution?

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