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Dutch people happy with their lives

Most Dutch people are satisfied with their lives, according to a recent study.

This applies both to the house in which they live, their environment, work and social contacts.
Highly educated people are more satisfied than lower educated people. Even older people are less satisfied, according to a recent study of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) which was published Tuesday.

Dutch people with a good education live longer, have fewer physical limitations and have more faith in politicians, judges, fellow men and public and private bodies. The trust is closely related to welfare.

Confidence drops”by uncertainty over pensions, job and chance of selling your home. The world is uncertain and that touches people in their confidence,”said CBS researcher Jan Latten.

The Dutch Population has increased more last year then initially calculated.
Earlier this year the Netherlands had 16.6 million inhabitants. CBS says that income inequality has increased slightly since 2006.

The education level has increased dramatically over the past years. Girls often follow a higher education, but boys learn longer and earn more diplomas.

The Netherlands has dropped one place in the ranking of the United Nations of the world’s best country to live.