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Heijmans to build R4 Ring Road South near Gent

Heijmans under contract to the Flemish government will be constructing and maintaining the last segment of the Gent Ring Road. Heijmans forms part of a consortium for this purpose that also comprises Antwerpse Bouwwerken nv, Besix nv and Stadsbader nv. This is a Design, Build, Maintain contract, with Heijmans’ share valued at approximately € 15 million for construction and another € 12+ million for maintenance. The project will start in the spring of 2012 and is expected to be completed in 2014 after which the 30-year maintenance period commences.

The project concerns a public-private partnership (PPS), similar to an earlier contract acquired by Heijmans for the construction of the Antwerp Ring Road (‘Brabo 1’). The contract confirms Heijmans’ leading position on the Belgian infrastructure-PPS market. The construction of this missing road segment represents the final segment in creating improved mobility around the city of Gent. A key component of the project is the need for minimising traffic disruption during construction and good communications with affected parties. These criteria are in line with Heijmans’ experience concerning the Eindhoven A2 Ring Road, the PPS character of the Brabo 1 project in Antwerp and the Delft-Schiedam A4 motorway.