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Heineken invites the world to a Legendary Date

Premium international beer brand Heineken® today announced the launch of the eagerly-awaited second film from its global Open Your World campaign, called “The Date”.

The Date’ will officially premiere on the Heineken® YouTube channel and Facebook page today and follows the Clio award-winning film ‘The Entrance’, which launched globally in December 2010, receiving over 4 million hits on YouTube in the first three weeks of its release, and will be activated in 50 countries by the end of the year.

“The Entrance was a very exciting introduction to our new global campaign, in our quest to make young men love Heineken” says Cyril Charzat, Senior Director Global Heineken Brand. “After the most legendary party entrance, we were fired up to inspire men to step up their game in other situations.”

Created with the same team as The Entrance – leading advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, and talented director Fredrik Bond, the film is a beautifully crafted, yet incredibly high-energy story following the Heineken® legend as he woos his stunning date on an epic journey, a glamorous tribute to all magical dates and legendary night-outs.

Eric Quennoy, Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennnedy Amsterdam adds, “It’s exciting to continue to find fresh ways to flatter the Heineken drinker, and with ‘The Date’ we have found another great way to showcase our man’s spectrum of skills. This is just the start of work we hope creates a genuine conversation between the brand and its drinkers.”

Shot on location in London, the hip atmosphere of ‘The Date’ is complemented by the musical score featuring the catchy 1960s Bollywood track “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”. The film also sees the introduction of a new Heineken Legend.

“With The Date, we are keen to show that we are not creating one hero but that in every Heineken drinker there is a legendary hero in the making” adds Sandrine Huijgen, Manager Global Heineken® Communication. She concludes, “We have started a great creative adventure as a brand, and as a team. We are just finding our voice and we have the firm motivation to continue on this path!”

In addition to the ‘The Date’ film, the new Heineken®global brand campaign will see the release of additional supporting material, including a unique tongue-in-cheek “Legendary Making of” and a music video for “Jaan Pehechaan Ho”, with more exciting consumer participation elements launching in the coming months.

The films can be viewed on the Heineken® YouTube Channel and on the Heineken® Facebook Fan Page,