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Heineken Starring in National Geographic TV Documentary

Heineken is starring in the first episode of the new European season of Mega Factories, the successful documentary series on National Geographic Channel.

Mega Factories Heineken will be broadcasted in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark on Thursday night, March 24; in Turkey on March 25 and in France on March 26.

The 45-minute documentary shows how Heineken beer is brewed in the Dutch cities of Zoeterwoude and Den Bosch following an almost 150-year old recipe. The National Geographic filmmakers follow the various steps of the brewing process; selecting the right barley and hops, using top-quality water, malting, brewing, fermenting, lagering, and of course packaging the beer in the iconic green Heineken bottles.

In addition to the brewing process, the documentary provides great insights in the many other aspects that make Heineken the leader in the international premium beer segment. Topics such as the rich history and tradition of the company and the marketing of the Heineken brand around the world. The film pays special attention to how the company has incorporated sustainability in all of its business processes, most notably in the efficient use of water and energy. Above all, the documentary shows the great expertise and passion of the Heineken employees; from the brew master to the sponsoring manager, from the water technologist to the bar tender and from the stable master to the Chairman of the Executive Board, it’s clear that everyone has green Heineken blood running through its veins.

Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman of the Executive Board/CEO Heineken N.V., about the documentary:

“It’s a huge honour for us that National Geographic has made this film about Heineken. It provides unique insights in the Heineken beer, brand and company, and shows the great people behind every glass and bottle of Heineken beer. It really illustrates that quality, entrepreneurship and passion are at the center of everything we do. When I recently saw a preview of the documentary, it filled me with pride that I work for Heineken and that I am part of the success of this company.”

Previews of Mega Factories Heineken can be seen on the National Geographic website through the link below. Check your local listings for the time and channel of the broadcast in your country.