Heineken serenades on Valentine’s Day

Heineken serenades on Valentine’s Day

Heineken® is helping ignite romance this Valentine’s Day with the launch of a fun new Facebook application called ‘The Serenade’. Based on the brand’s second global film ‘The Date,’ the new app enables Heineken consumers to send humorous personalized songs to potential partners, inviting them on a date. Available in twenty languages, ‘The Serenade’ is designed to put love in the air and smiles on faces around the world. Millions of adult consumers across the globe will be able to participate and create their own Serenade songs via Heineken®’s Facebook page.

‘The Serenade’ is part of the brand’s ‘Open Your World’ global campaign which celebrates and encourages aspirational behaviours among adult consumers. It follows the recent launch of ‘The Date’, which celebrated a man taking a woman on a legendary date, set to the catchy 1960’s Bollywood track, Jaan Pehechaan Ho by Mohammed Rafi. Through the app the same band that appeared in the ad will create songs for Heineken® fans.

“ ‘The Serenade’ is designed to take some of the stress out of asking a partner to go on a date. It’s fun, interactive and guaranteed to make an impression” said Cyril Charzat Senior Director, Global Heineken Brand. “We are committed to connecting with our adult consumers both on and offline. The Serenade is one more positive example of how we are doing this.”

Co-developed with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, consumers can create their own fully personalized Serenade for a date in just 4 clicks. Once shared via the Facebook wall, it’s all about waiting to see whether they will receive a Yes or No from their Date. With a total of 640 different Serenades available, consumers should be able to find the legendary Serenade that will bring them romance. Mark Bernath, Executive Creative Director from W+K Amsterdam comments, “In a way, we want people to be in the films we make. The idea of giving Heineken drinkers the band from the spot to help them ask someone out is our way to make that happen for real. Let’s hope we make a load of offers that can’t be refused.”

On Thursday 9 February, HEINEKEN will host “Serenade Live”, an 8-hour YouTube event, during which individuals around the world will get the chance to serenade the object of their heart’s desire live online, which will hopefully lead to a host of many successful dates.

Cyril Charzat from HEINEKEN concluded: “Through ‘The Serenade’, we continue to ignite the conversation by providing an opportunity to ask someone out in a witty and legendary way.”

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