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Heineken wins Pentaward

The STR Bottle from Heineken has won a Pentaward.

Pentawards is the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to everybody in all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond Pentawards according to the creative quality of their work.

The Heineken STR Bottle won the Platinum Pentawards in the category Best of the Beverages Category.

Heineken launched the new STR Bottle in New York and Los Angeles. dBOD used state-of-the-art techniques to create a spectacular surprise revealed by UV light. We applied this cutting-edge technique on a new aluminium bottle for Heineken, which was introduced in nightclubs. The trendy, minimalist design on the aluminium bottle emphasises the broad position that Heineken occupies.

“The bottle was inspired by dark nightclubs which have black lights to light up the dance floor. With light shining through the new Heineken bottle, it suddenly illuminates and reveals hidden stars and other squiggly designs. Drinking a Heineken never looked so cool!

Through the use of groundbreaking UV ink technology, the STR bottle brings a new level of excitement in the world’s top nightlife venues. When exposed to UV black light, hidden ink suddenly flares up on the bottle surface and reveals a bright-glowing design: an enticing experience for an exclusive audience. The design shows an intricate pattern of stars and trails, visible around the bottle base and in the large centre star.” said Sven David Kuipers, marketing manager at dBOD.

The STR bottle has launched succesfully in 40 markets so far and has become the ultimate must have bottle in exclusive nightclubs around the world. In addition, the STR bottle received lots of attention in the press.