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HEMA to Open First Austrian Stores

HEMA to Open First Austrian Stores

HEMA plans to open two stores in the centre of the Austrian capital Vienna in the spring of 2018. The retail chain intends to open additional stores in Vienna in the course of next year.

Thanks to the success of HEMA stores in the major German cities Cologne and Frankfurt, HEMA sees the opening of new stores in the Austrian capital as a logical next step in its international expansion. The company will initially focus on Vienna, but is also looking at the possibility of opening stores in a number of other large cities in Austria.

Continued expansion in Europe
HEMA’s international expansion will accelerate next year. The store chain expects to open around 35 new international stores in 2018. HEMA recently opened its flagship store on Tottenham Court Road at the end of Oxford Street in the centre of London. The newly opened stores in the German cities of Cologne and, more recently, Frankfurt are also proving highly successful and HEMA plans to open additional stores in Stuttgart and a number of other major German cities in early 2018. In Spain and the UK, HEMA is investigating possible openings in other cities outside Barcelona, Madrid and London.

HEMA well received internationally
HEMA is being received very positively outside its home market. Customers are enthusiastic about the colourful and positive design, the quality and the great value of HEMA products. Household goods are the most popular category in our international stores. Unique and typical Dutch products such as syrup waffles and ginger cake, but also seasonal items like chocolate letters and gingerbread nuts are other important reasons for its international customers to return to its stores. HEMA’s international customers are relatively young (more than 50% are younger than 34) and follow HEMA on social media. For instance, in France HEMA has almost four times as many followers on Instagram as Carrefour.