High-quality foreign investment projects contribute to Dutch job retention in 2012

High-quality foreign investment projects contribute to Dutch job retention in 2012

The Netherlands continues to be very attractive for foreign companies. In 2012, the NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) supported 170 foreign investment projects, with a total value of more than 930 million Euros. These projects will result in 5,166 jobs, of which 1,795 relate to job retention. The share of job retention in 2012 has nearly doubled in comparison to 2011, according to the latest annual results for the NFIA.

Bas Pulles, Commissioner NFIA was enthusiastic about the positive results. “Despite continuing difficult economic times, we have succeeded in attracting many high quality projects to the Netherlands, such as the establishment of company headquarters, R&D activities, and strategic manufacturing, as well as projects in our priority sectors,” he said. “The share of high quality projects in total results increased for the fifth consecutive year to 49% in number of projects, and to 70% in terms of the number of jobs created, including job retention. We started our focus on priority sectors a number of years ago, and will continue to do so.”

More than half of the 170 projects come from Asia. North America follows with 36 percent. The top five countries originating projects are: 1. US (58), 2. China (31), 3. Korea (19), 4. Japan (16), and 5. Taiwan (10).

The list of successful projects in 2012 includes global headquarters for D.E. Master Blenders 1753 inAmsterdam (a Sara Lee spin-off), the acquisition of the Netherlands Vaccine Institute by the Serum Institute of India, the new European headquarters and R&D facilities for Avery Dennison, and the expansion of European distribution activities for Hitachi Data Systems.

Sectors of industry
The IT sector was once again the sector in which most projects (28) and jobs (687) were garnered. The chemical sector provided the highest investment amount (294 million Euros) in 2012. The share of company headquarters projects remained strong at 19% in 2012, a small decline compared to 21% in 2011. Company headquarters projects are responsible for the biggest part of the job score, i.e., 1,750 jobs, of which 618 are retention jobs.

In 2013, the NFIA will place the emphasis once again on quality. “We will focus our resources on quality again by concentrating on priority sectors and the achievement of high quality projects,” Pulles added. “Additionally we will do our utmost to retain jobs and activities.”

Source: NL Agency/NFIA press release,

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