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Highest turnover growth for Dutch hotels and restaurants

In the second quarter of 2013, the sector hotels and restaurants in the Netherlands realised a turnover growth of 0.6 percent relative to one year previously. The downturn recorded in the first quarter of this year was discontinued. Prices were 1.8 percent up, volume was 1.3 percent down, as the most recent figures released by Statistics Netherlands show.

Within the sector, restaurants achieved the best results with a turnover growth of 3.4 percent compared to twelve months previously. Consumer prices increased by 1.8 percent, volume by 1.6 percent. Especially in June, restaurants achieved good turnover results relative to the same month last year.
Turnover generated by hotels improved after two quarters of decline. Turnover growth was more than 2 percent higher in the second quarter than in the second quarter of 2012.

Pubs and bars faced turnover loss for the fifth consecutive quarter. Turnover in the second quarter was 6.4 percent down from the same period last year, retail volume plummeted by nearly 10 percent. Partly as a result of higher tax rates, average food and drink prices in pubs were 3.7 percent up from one year previously.