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Highly educated people earn double in the Netherlands

The income of highly educated people in 2009 was on average almost twice as high as that of low skilled.

According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The CBS earned nearly 50,000 Euros educated and less educated than 26,000 Euros per year.

The average gross income of workers was just over 36,000 Euros.

One third of the workforce in the Netherlands has a college degree or a university degree and is highly skilled. 40 percent of workers have a secondary education (MBO degree or at least 4 years HAVO or VWO) and the rest are low skilled.

Women are on average slightly better educated than men and more often work part-time, so they have lower incomes. Women who work full time earn about 25 percent less than men working full time.

One important reason is that more men than women have managerial positions. Also, men work more often in higher-paying sectors.