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Holland prepares for Queen’s day

The Netherlands prepares for Queen’s day on 30th April. Orange Attributes appear in shop windows and streets slowly turn to orange color. This year about 800,000 people are expected to visit Amsterdam with Queen’s day.

The garbage workers in Amsterdam will go on strike for 24 hours on Queen’s day. The strike starts on the night of Thursday until Friday at midnight, and will take place throughout the city.

Traditionally, anyone with old stuff will come and sell at the flea market. In almost the whole city people are allowed from 06.00 am to 20.00 pm to settle down to sell. As always a lot of stuff remains unsold after the flea market.

People celebrating Queen’s Day in the Dutch capital should take their own rubbish home with them, acting mayor Lodewijk Asscher says, in response to the decision of the city’s rubbish collectors to strike on April 30.

Many party goers celebrate Queen’s day on the Amsterdam canals. Police and municipality have therefore set a number traffic measures and rules set. The maximum speed for boats is 7.5 kilometers per hour and may only have one alcoholic drink.

Also on the train stations there is a strengthened policy on alcohol. It is not allowed to carry more than one alcoholic beverage.

The Dutch Railways put extra trains on the busy Queens that cannot. It also extended trains due to the large number of passengers that are expected. The Dutch railway advises travelers in Amsterdam to take the train to Amsterdam Amstel because of the renovation of Central Station.

Radio 538 celebrates a party at Museumplein. On stage performances include The Baseballs, Ilse Delange, Esme Denters, Gerard Joling, VanVelzen, Valerius, Di-rect, Frans Duijts and DJ Tiësto. Last year the party at Museumplein attracted about 300,000 visitors.

Amsterdam overlooks the consequences and conditions of the new strike plans. Amsterdam tried to prevent the garbage strike in court last week. The court found that request was premature. The unions had not yet officially announced the strike.

Photo by ComùnicaTI