Hollywood supports Dutch download ban

Hollywood supports Dutch download ban

The American Motion Picture Association (MPAA) supports the download ban plans of Dutch Secretary Fred Teeven (Security and Justice).

State Secretary for Security and Justice Fred Teeven met with the chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, former senator Christopher J. Dodd, on 28 June.

They agreed that copyright protection can only be effective in the digital age if consumers can view attractive, user-friendly films and television programming that is available legally.

The MPAA represents six major US film studios. Mr Dodd believes that new video on demand (VoD) services could improve the situation. VoD providers expect that the demand for programmes in the Netherlands will increase by 35% this year, amounting to €135 million in revenue.

They also discussed the letter to Parliament outlining the main aims of Mr Teeven’s policy. The State Secretary proposes a new civil-law enforcement system, targeting websites and services that facilitate breaches of copyright instead of consumers who occasionally upload or download files.

Copyright owners will soon be able to ask the courts to order Dutch access providers to block access to specific websites or services if it has been proved that they are acting unlawfully.

Mr Dodd said that the MPAA supports the Dutch approach. Both he and Mr Teeven expressed the hope that other European Union countries would back the Netherlands’ plans to modernise copyright law.

Source: government.nl

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