Dutch homeowners facing 2% tax hike

Dutch homeowners facing 2% tax hike

Dutch homeowner’s property tax increased on average by 2 percent this year. A typical multi-person household will need to pay Euro 686 on property tax, sewage and waste disposal.

This was calculated by the Dutch Homeowners Association. According to the Association, there are huge differences between cities. In Borssele (+20.6 percent), Terneuzen (+20.1 percent) and Diemen (+15.7 percent) to the municipal housing costs soared, while homeowners in Schouwen-Duiveland (+15.7 percent) are a lot cheaper off.

Association of Home Owners finds it horribly unjust that many homeowners need to pay more property tax, while the value of their home property has decreased.

Especially in Gemert-Bakel (+31.3 percent), Bunschoten (+25.8 percent), Schinnen (+23 percent), Maassluis (+21.3 percent), Dongeradeel (+20.4 percent), Nijkerk (+18 , 8 percent) and Soest (+16.3 percent), home owners need to pay considerably more tax. The Home Owners Association wants the federal government to prevent such property tax increases in the future.

The study also shows that on average 13 percent more expensive small municipalities with their local housing costs than large municipalities.

While expenses such as groceries, insurance, and energy costs have increased and home property value has decreased. This is the absolute wrong time to increase the tax burden on property owners.

Photo By Bert K

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