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Horizons travels to the Netherlands to meet the people making the sea their home

Approximately 70% of the world is covered in water and over half the world’s population lives in thin coastal strips, so the pressure is on to do something about this encroaching watery world. BBC’s Horizons meets the people who are learning to work with water and tame the tides.

In the Netherlands Adam meets the people who have made the sea their home, in the US we meet a professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is coming up with news ways to harness the power of the seas and in the UK we look at the company that is using wave power to propel boats.

Adam Shaw starts his journey looking at the untapped potential of this watery planet by looking at homes that have been built on water in Amsterdam. He meets the architect who designed them, as well as having a look around the properties with the residents who explain furniture placement is everything to get the balance right.

There are few people who can be as passionate about the untapped potential of the ocean as Alex Slocum, a professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He starts every day in water with his daily swim and then spends the rest of his time working with his students to come up with new ways of harnessing the power of the seas for the benefit of man. We speak to him about some of his ideas.

Finally we visit a company in the UK which may have just harnessed the power of waves to propel boats. We embark on his journey to see how he has taken on the challenge of making a machine powered by the seas.

Horizons Episode 12 ‘Frontier Seas‘ will be broadcast on BBC World News 25 October.