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Hot and sunny weekend weather forecast for the Netherlands

The Netherlands looks set to bask in sunshine this weekend, with temperatures higher than in many European destinations.

Saturday will be the hottest day of the weekend, the Dutch weather service said, though Friday through Sunday will have temperatures between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius.

A mix of sun and a few clouds is expected Friday with a chance of light scattered showers.

Saturday will have almost completely sunny skies, and though Sunday will also be bright, there will be slightly more cloud cover, forecasters said. There wil be little wind, possible later a sea breeze which brings some coolness.

Sunday might be even hotter. Temperatures are expected to rise to 30 degrees for the coastal areas and inland areas might reach 35 degrees! Later there will be chances of wind from the sea to cool off.

Those heading to the beach to take advantage of the warm spell are advised to take sunscreen, with a bright and sunny day forecast.

Forecaster at the Dutch Met Office, said the good weather was set to continue beyond the weekend.