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The Netherlands the hottest place in Europe this Easter

The Netherlands is enjoying glorious sunshine and the sizzling heat today as temperatures are set to soar up to 27C.

Eindhoven was over 27 degrees on Saturday and the temperature at the airport near Brussels Kleine Brogel measured 29.5 degrees.

This makes our region of the warmest in Europe. The Netherlands was also hotter than Madrid, which only managed to reach temperatures of 60.8F (16C), and Paris, which was slightly warmer at 78F (26C).

Today, Easter Sunday, it’s sunny with a temperature reaching 82F (27C) in the Netherlands, making it the hottest place in Europe and the second hottest April day since records began in the early 20th Century.

Also the beaches promises to be hot and crowded. The lakes and rivers have ideal conditions for boating and sailing. People are already swimming in inland waters but the low temperature of the seawater makes it very risky to swim in the sea.

Very few wildfires have occurred over the past days and everyone seems to be aware of the dangers of wildfires and the code orange is well respected according to the fire department.

The coming days will be nice weather. Easter Monday will be dry and sunny with 19 to 24 degrees.