How the Dutch economy will rank in 2050

How the Dutch economy will rank in 2050

The Netherlands will drop significantly in the rankings of world’s economies in the coming decades.

The Dutch currently have the 15th largest economy, but will drop to 24th place by 2050, just behind Thailand and just ahead of Poland.

The global research department of HSBC has released a report predicting the rise and fall of the world’s economies in the next 40 years.

CNN reported on the HSBC survey. The world’s top economy in 2050 will be China, followed by the United States.

The only European countries in the top ten will be Germany – the 5th place, Uk – the 6th place and France – the 9th. Biggest drop will be felt northern Europe: Denmark to 56th ( -29), Norway to 48th ( -22), Sweden to 38th (-20) and Finland to 57th (-19).

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