How the Dutch economy will rank in 2050

How the Dutch economy will rank in 2050

The Netherlands will drop significantly in the rankings of world’s economies in the coming decades.

The Dutch currently have the 15th largest economy, but will drop to 24th place by 2050, just behind Thailand and just ahead of Poland.

The global research department of HSBC has released a report predicting the rise and fall of the world’s economies in the next 40 years.

CNN reported on the HSBC survey. The world’s top economy in 2050 will be China, followed by the United States.

The only European countries in the top ten will be Germany – the 5th place, Uk – the 6th place and France – the 9th. Biggest drop will be felt northern Europe: Denmark to 56th ( -29), Norway to 48th ( -22), Sweden to 38th (-20) and Finland to 57th (-19).

  • Joe

    Who cares, I’ll be dead.

  • Sjef

    This HSBC banking guys are so clever, specially in recent years!! Really, this is nonsense to predict 2050 in this time of so many changes in world economy.

  • Olga

    And to think they got this information from a crystal ball reading through a free fortune teller. Most people can say is that the Netherlands will “Reap What They Sow.” Now. It would be wiser to fix the present day problems than worry about the future that won’t matter if tomorrows problems become greater-never mind 38 years from now.

  • Joseph

    Mirror, mirror on the wall. Please tell us now what the future holds …. 40 years from now.. Ha ha ha ha. Get real. Who believes this crap when they can’t even fix today’s stupidity.

  • Dutchman

    Let’s see. The Netherlands is sinking as we all know. They might be the next Atlantis. Due to climate changes, the sea level will rise by 10 to 90 centimetres in the next century. Significant higher quantities of precipitation is also expected. The ground is sinking even more, since the Dutch are experts at draining water (and soil!) into the sea. So, the threats are two-fold: on one side, sea levels are rising, and on the other side, the ground is sinking. Good luck worry about where your economy will be. Id be more worried where solid ground will be if there is any left. Better have that dinghy close by and your Chinese fortune cookie.

  • Cor

    lol. Yes, we dutch are experts at draining water (and soil!) into the sea. No wonder the seals were in town during the last storms. Who cares about the economy when we might be swimming in the sea by then.

  • Elaine

    Call it Karma, Cor.

  • Sven

    The economy in 2050 is not be what we Dutch should be so concerned with. What ever happened to living each day to the fullest and remember that the glass isn’t half empty, it’s half full.

  • satoshi

    The Netherlands has quite less populated than “major” countries, so there is no point in this rank. However, the GDP per capita is highly suggestive. HSBC also published the ranking. It is to large extent astonishing. Well, Japan will be the fourth; nevertheless, it will lose the population. (Now, Japan is on the 17th.)

  • qwerty

    what they cant lose to the thais. theyve always been competing with them and winning in kickboxing.need more immigrants to have a big workforce to compete

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