How to be Orange – Greg Shapiro

Greg Shapiro – The American Nederlander – is known from Boom Chicago, Comedy Central News and BNR’s ‘New & Improved America’.

On the 25th of January 2011 his comedy show ‘How to be Orange’ can be seen in Griffioen theatre Amstelveen. Starts at 20:30.

HOW TO BE ORANGE – incl. LIVE Assimilation Course!

How do you teach about The Dutch Identity, when the Dutch are having an Identity Crisis?

In his first solo show ‘Going Dutch,’ Shapiro told the story of his assimilation into Dutch culture. Now, Shapiro delivers an evening of stand-up & interactive theater, featuring his outsider’s perspective on the Dutch identity crisis, ending on an assimilation course for the Dutch themselves.

‘How to Be Orange’ is for those who live here longer, investigating:
– How to fit in when ‘Full is Full,’
– How to reconcile the terms ‘Freedom’ & ‘Party,’
– How to dye your hair blond, if necessary.
In essence: ‘’How to Be Orange’’

‘An Amsterdam Hero.’

‘What’s impressive is that he’s lived in Europe long enough to be well-informed of local politics. Whatsmore, he has developed a nicely nuanced perspective of his homeland.’
De Volkskrant

‘Greg shows us Nederland as an outsider sees it, which is hilarious.
Yet – all the while – one can tell he is truly proud to be a Nederlander. A perfect match.’
StadsregioAmsterdam / Nederlands Bureau for Conventions and Tourism

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