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Artwork for André Kuipers visible from space

As of today, there is an enormous artwork to be seen at Nieuw-Vennep: a canvas measuring 9600 m2, depicting André Kuipers, and visible from space. The colourful canvas is made up of the portraits of nearly 37,000 Dutch people. This ode to ‘our’ astronaut was made possible by Samsung Mobile, in collaboration with the space organisation ESA.

The Netherlands is proud of André: this is the first time that a Dutchman has spent so long in space. With the help of street artist Notasso, Samsung Mobile ensured that everyone could make a contribution to this gigantic artwork.

André Kuipers has spent nearly half a year 350 km above the earth. His tweets, videos and photos from space offer us a breathtaking view of our planet. By way of thanks, the Spanish street artist Notasso was asked to collect portraits upon request of tens of thousands of Dutch people via Facebook using Samsung Galaxy Note. He then compiled all these portraits into one mega-portrait of André Kuipers; today that portrait has been placed in a huge field in Nieuw-Vennep and can be admired from the air and from space. “I would sincerely like to thank the Netherlands for this wonderful gift,” said André Kuipers, from the space station. “Thanks once again!” The artwork can be viewed over the next few weeks.

Via there is access to a Facebook page, where you can find your own portrait in the artwork using an app. A photo taken from a helicopter has been made interactive, so that you can zoom in on the details and see which portraits have been put together to make the artwork. There is also a ‘making of’ video on this page, showing how the canvas was created and how much work was involved in getting the canvas to the location. The result is an integrated campaign, with an offline climax.

For this campaign, Samsung Mobile used the services of advertising agency Cheil Benelux, interactive advertising agency KONG and media agency Starcom.