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Hurricane Irene May Cause New York billions of dollars in damage

Hurricane Irene will cause many billions of dollars in damage when she causes flooding in New York City. This is the result of a study by researchers at the Free University.

They recently sought out just what effect the hurricane would have on New York City. With the current threat of Irene, the study becomes very topical again.

The professor of climate and water hazards Jeroen Aerts estimates that the flood damage to buildings would be up to $ 22 billion. If the hurricane stagnates businesses, the economic damage would be much more costly.

In a report on the future of New York, Aerts and his colleagues’ Mayor Bloomberg made proposals for the flood proofing of his city.

”He has two options: raising the dikes and flood barriers or see to it that building regulations are complied with, ‘said Aerts Friday. In the short term, evacuation the only option to minimize the damages, says Aerts.

Hurricane Irene battered New York early Sunday, shutting down the city, and millions of Americans sought shelter from a huge storm that halted transport and caused massive power blackouts.