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Netherlands Welcomes Record Number of Immigrants in 2010

The number of people who came to the Netherlands last year, has increased again to a new record, according to figures from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) which was published Wednesday.

The number of immigrants amounted to 150,000, three thousand more than last year. This figure continues the trend of increase, which started in 2006, according to CBS.

Netherlands in particular, welcomes people from new and old members of the European Union.

In addition, last year more people left the Netherlands than one year earlier, for the first time after three years of decline.

CBS registered 118.000 emigrants, an increase of six thousand. Mainly Dutch people and people born in other countries of the European Union left the Netherlands.

The Netherlands had 16.7 million inhabitants on January 1st 2010, 80.000 people more than in 2009.