Imtech gets 45 million euro new Swedish industrial orders

Imtech gets 45 million euro new Swedish industrial orders

Royal Imtech N.V. (IM-AE, technical services provider in and outside Europe) announces that it recently has obtained new orders – combining the technological core competences electrical services, mechanical services and energy solutions to total solutions – in the Swedish industrial market with a total value of 45 million euro.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: ‘Imtech is one of the strongest players in the Swedish industrial market. The strategy is aimed at long-term intensive co-operation with customers, generally in the form of multi-year managed services contracts. This approach leads to spin-off in the form of additional projects. At the same time, Imtech is developing interesting energy-efficiency and energy savings concepts for clients. Additionally, the multidisciplinary clustering of electrical services, mechanical services and energy solutions from various Imtech companies leads to new services concepts. All this makes additional growth possible.’

New orders in the industrial market
As spin-off of a multi-year managed services contract with paper manufacturer Korsnäs in Gävle Imtech is selected as a technology partner for a part of the technical infrastructure in a new to realize biomass power plant. The 150 MW of electricity that will be generated by this power plant means that customer’s production process will become, to a great extent, energy neutral.

At Scania in Enköping an existing services contract has led to a spin-off order for a substantial electrical upgrade. At the same time, Imtech has obtained an order for the upgrade of various mechanical facilities, such as the high pressure in the production line. Another recent order is a series of electrical upgrades for Volvo in Skövde and for the implementation an energy monitoring solution in a Volvo factory in Arvika.

In the industrial laundry market an innovative concept for more efficient steam production, including an energy-saving of nearly 20%, has been developed for both the Lima and Storsjö industrial laundries services. The market has a great deal of interest for this new concept. Imtech is also recently appointed as an energy partner of industrial manufacturer Atlas Copco. A multidisciplinary project has been obtained for the extension of an ABB production facility for high-tech circuit breakers in Ludvika.

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