Imtech technology partner in new tram project in Antwerp, order 50 million euro

Imtech technology partner in new tram project in Antwerp, order 50 million euro

Royal Imtech N.V. (IM-AE, technical services provider in and outside Europe) announces that yesterday agreement has been reached with the Flemish transport authority De Lijn for improvement of the sustainable public infrastructure in and accessibility of Antwerp. For the implementation of this DBFM agreement a Special Purpose Company (SPV) – NV Livan Infrastructure – was founded with Lijninvest as a public shareholder and Poseidon Infrastructure (the combination of Imtech, Denys and Macquarie Capital Group) as a private partner. For Imtech, which acts as technology partner, this means a contract worth over 50 million euro.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: ‘This contract demonstrates that, as part of Livan Infrastructure, we are capable of bringing complex technological public infrastructure developments and improvements of accessibility in and around large cities such as Antwerp to an operational and well-considered plan of approach.’

Livan 1 Antwerp Tram Project
The Livan 1 Antwerp Tram Project comprises a Design, Build, Finance and Maintain (DBFM) project to improve and expand tram services and accompanying infrastructure on the outskirts of Antwerp for a period of 25 years. A new tram route using existing tunnels and tram stations will be constructed as part of the Antwerp Mobility Masterplan. From the Park & Ride station in Wommelgem travellers are able to reach to the Antwerp Central Station in 15 minutes. The ultimate objective of this and other initiatives is that in 2020, half of all movements in the Antwerp agglomeration will take place via public transport, on foot or by bike. The total investment is 100 million euro. Macquarie Capital is financial advisor to Livan Infrastructure and a shareholder in Poseidon SA Infrastructure. Denys will provide the civil and construction activities and Imtech is responsible for all technical solutions.

Imtech: technology partner
Imtech is realising all technical solutions in this new tram project, including automated control and automatic train signalling that satisfy the most stringent safety requirements, the traction and high voltage, camera and telecommunications solutions, the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) in the stations, the sustainable lighting as well as all fire extinguishing solutions in the tunnels. Imtech will also be responsible for technical maintenance and management for a 25 year period.

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