Imtech wins new order for sustainable technology in Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

Imtech wins new order for sustainable technology in Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

Imtech (IM-AE, technical services provision in and outside Europe) announces that it has received another order for sustainable technological solutions in the new Karolinska Hospital under construction in Stockholm in Sweden. The orders for this project currently run to 34 million euro.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: ‘Imtech’s position in the Swedish care & cure sector is growing briskly. Technology is becoming increasingly important here. By bundling activities and services, Imtech is able to act as a multidisciplinary technology partner and to meet the demand for low-energy technological solutions while meeting the highest hygiene and safety standards.’

Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm
Imtech is the technology partner for the new Karolinska Hospital under construction in Stockholm. With 550 beds, 36 operating theatres and separate research and teaching accommodations, this is to be one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Sweden. The surface area is to be approximately 320,000 square metres. Skanska Health Care and the Stockholm County Council have commissioned Imtech to extend its current activities at the hospital. More particularly, this involves heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC solutions), including low-energy cooling systems and optimum process cooling in, among others, the operating theatres. Imtech had already received orders for these kinds of solutions in earlier stages of the construction of this hospital, as well as for the provision of an innovative distribution system for the use of special medical gases and the high-tech sustainable drainage of the 9-layer car park. In all cases, the utmost care has been lavished on the prevention and elimination of the risk of legionella bacteria.

Based in part on the sustainable Imtech solutions, the hospital will apply for special environmental certification after completion in 2017. This will make the Karolinska Hospital the first environmentally certified hospital in the world.

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