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Dutch Playmate Chantal Hanse in charge

Dutch Playmate of the Year 2009 Chantal Hanse is relieved.

Suit Supply’s sexy “Shameless” photographs by photographer Carli Hermès does not have to be removed, according to the British Advertising Standards Commission.

The Eight-foot-high (2.4 meter) images at Suit Supply’s west London store show photographs taken in the context of the winter fashion campaign, which is called Shameless.

The pictures, in which model Chantal can be seen in challenging poses, have provoked complaints to Westfield and the Advertising Standards Authority, along with protests on Twitter.

“I am glad that the photos may stay. To be honest I think all the hype is a bit ridiculous”, she said. “I received a lot of unpleasant reactions, but I’m still one hundred percent behind.”

According to the complainants, the campaign and misogynistic attacks the morality of. Nonsense according to Chantal: on the photos “I’m in charge”. People can think what they want, but I think they are beautiful pictures.”

Suit Supply says it had to remove its Shameless pictures from its Facebook page because they were deemed offensive.

The ads can be seen on Suit Supply’s website.