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App For Expats Living and Working in the Netherlands

App For Expats Living and Working in the Netherlands

This app is based on The Holland Handbook, which has been an indispensable guide for numerous expatriates from all across the world for more than a decade. Since 2000, the book has been updated and reprinted twelve times, resulting in an extremely well-researched, complete and excellent read.

To make this wealth of information worldwide accessible, The Holland Guide-app has been developed specially for the iPad with hundreds of stunning photos, almost a thousand live references and various useful interactive features.

The content included is the result of the enthusiastic efforts of dozens of authors, organizations and proofreaders of various nationalities and with very different backgrounds. The diversity of this editorial input and the unique photos and maps makes using this app a journey in itself.

Internationals within the broad representation of global corporations based in the Netherlands; diplomats at embassies and consulates; teachers and students at international centers of learning; entrepreneurs running their own companies – all of them, and their families, will find the information contained in The Holland Guide to be essential reading.

If you plan on moving to the Netherlands, or even if you have been living there for some time, this guide has all the answers to your questions.

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