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ING reaches agreement on amended EC Restructuring Plan

ING announced today that, together with the Dutch State, it has reached an agreement with the European Commission on significant amendments to the 2009 Restructuring Plan. The amendments extend the time horizon and increase the flexibility for the completion of divestments and adjust other commitments in light of the market environment, economic climate and more stringent regulatory requirements.

As part of the agreement, ING has filed a schedule for repayment to the Dutch State of the remaining EUR 3 billion in core Tier 1 securities plus a 50% premium, in four equal tranches in the next three years. A first tranche of EUR 1,125 million will be paid on 26 November 2012.

“Since launching our Back to Basics programme in 2009, we have worked hard to safeguard our financial strength, simplify our organisation and further strengthen the focus on our customers, ensuring they are at the heart of everything we do,” said Jan Hommen, CEO of ING Group. “For our employees, the past years of restructuring and insecurity have not been easy. We realize that, against a backdrop of enormous changes in the financial sector and society at large, our work is far from done.”

“We are pleased that the agreement announced today gives us more time and flexibility to complete the required restructuring while leaving our strategic objectives unchanged. We will ensure that we maintain the momentum of the programme as we have demonstrated in the past four years. We will continue our efforts to improve our performance, serving our customers, managing risks and controlling expenses to make sure that when the circumstances are right, we will be ready for the next steps.”

The agreement announced today has been formally approved by the European Commission. As a result of the agreement, the Commission will close its formal investigations as announced on 11 May 2012. ING will withdraw the appeal at the General Court of the European Union that it filed in July 2012. For principal legal reasons the European Commission will continue with its appeal against the General Court ruling of March 2012. However, ING, the Dutch State and the European Commission have agreed that any outcome of this procedure will not affect the agreement as announced today.