International Pillow Fight Day Amsterdam

International Pillow Fight Day will be held on Saturday April 3rd 2010, with massive pillow fights in cities around the world! Amsterdam is one of cities that will participate.

Pillow Fight Day 2010, is a collaboration of many people who comprise a loose, decentralized network of urban playground event organizers all over the world.

International Pillow Fight Day will be at The Dam in Amsterdam at 17:00. It is a global movement that stands for non-commercial enjoyment of public space. Rave Baar Netherlands supports this initiative and organize a free afterparty in the student club LANX, NZ Voorburgwal 167, right behind the Dam. Up to 23 hours access is free on presentation of a cushion.

The four most useful tools for promoting a pillow fight are, in order of declining usefulness, a mailing list, a website, social networking sites and blogs.

“In the Netherlands the rules for public sociability increasingly stringent and costly to comply. This is fun on the street hardly possible, “said Loulou of Ravensteijn, president of Rave Baar Netherlands. The new one goes like wildfire through social networks like Facebook, which itself as more than 2,300 people have registered. It says that anyone with a pillow can participate and everyone helps with clean up after course.

The Rules of Pillow Fight:

1. Bring your own pillow
Use soft pillows only! Feathers are strongly encouraged.

2. Dress for the occasion
You may want to pick something playful to wear to the pillow fight.
If you have glasses, remove them. Fragile clothes are not recommended in general!

3. Get there in time
Try and get there at 16.40pm so you don’t miss any of the fun!

4. Wait for the Siren.
It should sound when everyone has gathered at 17:00pm.
After it goes off, run screaming “piiiilllllooooow fiiiight”!

5. Do not swing your pillow too hard.
We play to have fun, not to hurt.

6. Do not hit anyone without a pillow.
This includes, but is not limited to, people with cameras, bystanders, police and other civic authorities, property eg. cars. Please use common sense.

7. Clean up after you
Bring a garbage bag and some gloves and help clean up some of the fluff/feathers/pillows. The environment will love you forever.

8. Tell your friends about the pillow fight.
Tell them to join in on the madness! And please brief them on the rules.

9. Come to the After Party!
There is a after party with cheap drinks and sleazy dj’s, starting right after the fight location coming soon


If you are not in Amsterdam on April 3th check out a pillow fight in one of these other cities

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