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Apple’s iPad goes on sale in the Netherlands

The Apple iPad is available from Friday July 23rd in the Netherlands. Dutch customers can now buy tablet computer in Media Markt and the Apple Stores.

Already 3.27 million iPad’s are sold, since the introduction of the mobile device in the U.S. last April. In the first months that the iPad was for sale, there were one million units sold. That surpassed the iPad the iPhone, another blockbuster from Apple.

The device is expected to revolutionise the way people browse the internet, read books and newspapers. Apple has promoted the iPad as an innovative lightweight mobile computer which combines the best of a smartphone and a laptop.

The 9.7-inch touch-screen tablet resembles an oversized iPhone and runs on the same simplified operating system. Prices start at Euro 499 for a Wi-Fi only model and increase to Euro 799 for a 3G-enabled version.

Apple had to delay the international launch with one month, because the demand in the U.S. was so great. Research firm iSuppli announced a significant boost to its iPad estimates through the end of 2012, pushing its total estimates for the first three years of product availability to nearly 100 million units.

How many iPads are available for lauch in the Netherlands is still unclear.