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Dutch iPad Users Pay Among the Highest for Data Worldwide

The Netherlands is in the 4th and 5th place when it comes to the most expensive data plan for the iPad. According to a global comparison of data visualization by company Tableau. Only Belgium, Luxembourg and France are higher on the list.

Tableau compared the per-gigabyte price of the cheapest data plans in the various countries where the iPad is now officially available. In each country users pay a monthly fee for a certain amount of data. To compare prices, everything is converted to dollars.

The most expensive subscription is from Orange in France. This telco is then also the sole provider of a subscription for the iPad. Per gigabyte French iPad owners pay $ 25.47 (approximately € 20) . Belgium is in second place with $ 21.77 per GB (€ 17) for a Mobistar subscription. This subscription is the same in Luxembourg.

Then the Netherlands, where Vodafone and T-Mobile ask $ 19.59 and $ 19.56 per GB (both approximately € 15). Incidentally, Vodafone also an unlimited subscription for € 50 euros per month. This requires the user to sign a contract for one year.

KPN also offers a subscription for the iPad which was not included in the comparison of Tableau. It costs € 40 a gigabyte, or $ 52.

In Singapore iPad is the cheapest for 3G users. Here they pay only $ 0.51 (approximately € 0.40) per gigabyte downloaded.