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iPhone found in underwear

The Dutch police have recovered a stolen iPhone 4 with the app “find my iPhone”. The phone was found in the underwear of the thief …

The iPhone was stolen on December 23 in a cafe in Amsterdam, where the officers met the victim with two friends.

The friends had already logged into their phone and were able to trace the exact location of the stolen iPhone, according to the police.

With the iPhone app they could exactly track the robbers. The officers found two known thieves in the red-light district. In a first search, the iPhone was not found.

One of the pickpockets already was wanted by the police and had to do to the police station. Once he was taken into the police van, the iPhone app once again gave a rapid signal.

That was a good reason for the police to search the prisoner more thoroughly. And obviously, the thief had hidden the iPhone in his underwear.

The 23-year-old man was arrested and has been sentenced to six weeks in jail.