Israeli president Shimon Peres visits Anne Frank House

Israeli president Shimon Peres visits Anne Frank House

The Israeli president Shimon Peres has paid a private visit to the Anne Frank House. Mr Peres is in the Netherlands on an official visit from 29 September till 3 October. The private visit to the Anne Frank House was added to his program at his own request. Mr Peres was very impressed by the visit and said: “The voice of Anne should be heard all over the world, especially these days.”

Executive director Ronald Leopold led Mr Peres through the Anne Frank House and he was shown a number of unique items from the collection; An original letter from Anne to her grandmother from March 22nd 1941, an original photo album that Anne Frank put together during the hiding period in the Secret Annex, two original letters from Otto, Anne father, to his mother in Switzerland, written directly after his liberation in Auschwitz and the book is “Beginselen der Plantkunde” (Principles of botany). Anne receives this from her parents on 12 June 1944. Nine months later she dies in concentration camp Bergen Belsen.

Mr Peres wrote in the guestbook; “Anne belongs to the genesis of humanity, when human being begun to understand the difference between evil and right, between light and darkness. Her innocent, truthful voice will sing all over the world by many generations to come, so to understand the difference between being human and being satanic. It is the voice of the Jewish people who paid so much for their human commitment. They were murdered but the truth survived. The light of Anne defeated darkness. It is the smallest and most moving attic in the world.”

Shimon Peres at the Anne Frank House. (Photo Guus Dubbelman)

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