Jackass sues Dutch TV channel Powned

Film studio Universal has sued Dutch TV network Powned over a “herring” stunt, according to the network’s website.
An interview with the cast of the new Jackass movie by Dutch reporters Nienke and Jojanneke got a little out of hand.

The ladies wanted the “stuntmen” to taste Dutch herring, to give the interview a Dutch character. But Johnny Knoxville & Co. was not amused. He said in his own words that they don’t want to stink fish the whole day.

The Powned girls did not give up and urged the men to try and taste the Dutch delicacy. Then the interview was terminated and the film studio decided to sue for insulting a guest. Universal also wanted the recordings from the interview and forced them not to be transmitted.

Nienke and her cameraman were detained one hour long, and four guards chased Jojanneke. Powned is now considering counter-suing them because of intimidation and unlawful claim of material.

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