Japanese iPhone Cookie wildly popular

Japanese iPhone Cookie wildly popular

A clever Japanese bakery in western Japan has an unexpectedly big hit: the handmade iPhone cookie decorated with edible application icons.

Green Gables in Tokushima made the special cookie in 2008 for a special birthday gift for the husband of a client, says Kumiko Kudo, the 44-year-old owner of the shop.

The delicacy gained national fame after a photo was circulated via Twitter.

Since then, hundreds iPhone Kudo cookies sold. She had never thought it would be such a success, and that was never her intention.

The homemade cookies are not cheap (2730 yen, or more than 25 euros) and only available on order in Japan, where the waiting time is increasing to two months.

The viral images have given SoftBank — the exclusive iPhone carrier in Japan — some free advertising, and Kudo gave one of the iPhone cookies to SoftBank’s CEO, Masayoshi Son.

Kudo has received requests for iPad cookies, but she says they are “too big, heavy and difficult to make.”

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