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Justin Bieber’s first concert in The Netherlands

World famous Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is coming to Rotterdam for his first concert in the Netherlands.

Bieber was discovered in 2008, when his mother Pattie filmed the first minutes of her son on a stage at a local talent show in Stratford, where she had raised him alone. Bieber was second, but won indirectly because his mother put the video on YouTube.

The performance of Ne-Yo’s So Sick has been viewed millions of times. The American talent manager, Scooter Braun discovered his talent. Without hesitation he convinced mother and son to come to Atlanta and one week later, Justin signed his first record deal. Since then, the Biebermania got out of control.

The Canadian pop star boast one of the largest fan-bases in the World. Via twitter he sent over 10000 messages read by 8.2 million people worldwide. More than one million of these followers have bought his debut album. An equally significant proportion of them will go to see his first world tour concert.

The 17-year-old music sensation-turned-movie star has set a new box-office high and managed to take down the King of Pop while he was at it. As of March 20, Justin Bieber’s movie Never Say Never has pulled in $72.2 million, setting a box-office record for most successful “concert-themed” movie of all time in the United States.

Justin Bieber will perform on Sunday in Ahoy, Rotterdam.

Info: The concert is sold out.