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Keukenhof Kicks off Holland’s Theme Year of Amsterdam’s Canals Planted in Bulbs

In Lisse on Thursday 10 October, Keukenhof’s Board of Directors planted the first bulbs of a bulb mosaic of the Amsterdam canals. The Keukenhof theme for 2014 is Holland, where both traditional and modern symbols will be given attention in the park.

Many international tourists still come to the Netherlands to see the exceptional icons, such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Dutch cheese, windmills and tulips. The significance of Keukenhof for tourism in the Netherlands is exceptionally large. Every year 800,000 visitors come to the Netherlands from over 100 countries. Approximately 75% of these visitors come from abroad. The bulb sector in general and the tulips and Keukenhof in particular, have become the face of the tourist image of the Netherlands.

The highlight of the theme year is a bulb mosaic depicting Amsterdam’s canals with a tulip the size of a canal house. The design symbolises the Tulip mania during the Golden Age. The mosaic has a format of 22 x 13 metres and will be planted with 60,000 tulips and muscaris. In the Spring, the amazing beauty of the colours will come to full bloom.

Planting the mosaic emphasises the Autumn planting at Keukenhof. The coming months will see approximately 7 million bulbs planted in the park.

Keukenhof 2014: 20 March – 18 May.