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Killzone 3 Revealed and Coming in 3D

Killzone 3 for the PS3 is real and is aiming to be bigger and better.

One of Sony’s major E3 titles has been revealed slightly ahead of time. New details about the game were revealed in the latest issue of GamePro magazine, and it looks as though Dutch game developer Guerrilla Games is looking to take the Killzone franchise to a whole new level.

That means that Killzone 3 is going to be a showpiece for Sony’s 3-D technology, and therefore we should probably expect to hear a lot about it at the company’s E3 presentation.

The most notable change to the gameplay for Killzone 3 is the inclusion of jetpacks, which seem to act as a form of double-jump for crossing terrain more quickly and easily. The developer says the jetpacks resemble “something you do in platformers such as Super Mario Bros. or Uncharted.”

Another major addition is the option to play the game entirely in 3D, which requires 3D-enabled glasses and television to work.

It is said that Killzone 3 is getting influnce from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves developers, Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog took a huge step forward with Uncharted 2 over its predecessor. Whether they are taking bits and pieces from the Uncharted 2 engine isn’t revealed. The direct amount of influence Naughty Dog may have with Guerilla Games isn’t known, but with two of the best PS3 developers working together, we could see some amazing visuals.

Killzone 2 developed by Guerrilla Games, a Dutch game development studio, was the most expensive entertainment project in Dutch history and more than 120 developers in the Netherlands worked on the game. It is believed that the budget surpassed $40million, which is comparable to a small-budget Hollywood picture.

Sony will have their annual E3 conference on June 15th where they are expected to announce many new software titles and reveal more information on the PlayStation Move.