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KLM starts Spanish Service via Facebook and Twitter

As of today, Spanish followers and fans of Facebook and Twitter will be able to communicate in their own language.

Adding Spanish in addition to the existing English and Dutch services, was prompted by the fact that around 329 million people in 21 countries speak Spanish, making it the third most widely spoken language in the world.

The new service will especially benefit Facebook and Twitter fans and followers in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Spain, as well as Spanish speakers in the US. Facebook and Twitter have proved their worth repeatedly in recent times. Aside from responding to questions communicated by customers, these social media channels can be used to rebook, cancel and/or book extra baggage capacity on flights.

The Spanish service will also be available 24/7. Future plans include expanding the number of languages offered via social media. The response target is to answer questions within the hour and to find solutions within 24 hours.