KLM’s “Royal” Predicate Extended

KLM’s “Royal” Predicate Extended

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be allowed to attach the predicate “Royal” to its name for the coming 25 years. KLM President & CEO Peter Hartman will today receive an official certificate from Jan van Zanen, Mayor of Amstelveen, confirming that the predicate “Royal” has been bestowed.

The Royal Airline Company for the Netherlands & Colonies was established on 7 October 1919. After the Second World War, the airline’s name was changed to Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines). Queen Wilhelmina had already bestowed the predicate “Royal” upon the airline on 12 September 1919, before KLM was officially established. It was truly extraordinary that the predicate was bestowed before the company was established. In principle, such honours are only bestowed on companies that have existed for more than 100 years, and even then the company must meet a wide array of exacting requirements.
The predicate is bestowed for a period of no more than 25 years, after which the company must apply for reaffirmation of its right to bear the predicate “Royal”. The predicate is only extended after thorough investigation and careful consideration by the Mayor of Amstelveen, the Queen’s Commissioner for North Holland, and the Queen’s Cabinet.

“Royal” and the swan
KLM’s royal status found expression in various ways, including its renowned advertising campaign featuring swans. The swan is commonly associated with positive values such as national pride, reliability, quality, strength, style and royalty. And the KLM swan is topical once more thanks to last night’s presentation of the Gouden Loeki award for advertising. In 1995, KLM was the first winner of this award, for its “Swan” commercial. KLM congratulates Telfort, winner of the Gouden Loeki 2012, on this auspicious accolade.

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