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Kuvva styles your digital life

Kuvva launches at The Next Web Conference. Visually awesomeness for your Twitter profile

Kuvva styles your digital life. Kuvva version 1.0 enables its users to subscribe to a weekly selection of creative imagery and have those streamed to their Twitter profile every day of the week. For free. Over the course of 2011 Kuvva is releasing a desktop application and mobile app. The platform, which is one of the finalists of The Next Web Start Up Rally was co-founded by Damian Bradfield and Nalden ( /

Kuvva aims to beautify your digital life. The team behind Kuvva love artists, illustrators, photographers and brands and are on a mission to connect fans with brands. Every week they will invite a new artist to curate a new set of 7 images and give them the opportunity to showcase their work to a creative based audience.

“We know people like to style their profiles with full size images. In 2008 I introduced full screen background advertising on my blog and people loved it! Some space was sold to brands, some was given to creative friends. This resulted in over 100,000 wallpaper downloads in 2010 from people who wanted curated content for themselves, on their desktop,” says Nalden and adds “With Kuvva we built on this experience. We have an awesome team of developers, designers and project management making it easy for our users to have quality content streamed to their digital profile.”

Kuvva kicks off with Merijn Hos, a highly celebrated illustrator and designer from Holland. Merijn has exhibited in New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Melbourne and designed an colorful collection of 7 Twitter backgrounds as well as a bonus iPhone wallpaper for Kuvva. Kuvva’s first “set of the week” will be available from Friday the 29th of April via