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Lack of Mobile Manners Frustrates Dutch People

Two-thirds of the Dutch is for a form of mobile etiquette. A quarter is even for a ban of the use of mobile devices in some public places.

This appears from an international survey commissioned by Intel among nearly 13,000 respondents, of which 500 are Dutch.

Loud callers are for 79 percent of the largest annoyance for mobile users however, only 3 percent admits they do it themselves sometimes. Furthermore, 23 percent thinks it not very nice when people cannot keep their attention because they are working on a mobile device. 47 percent sometimes announces that they sometimes use a laptop, tablet or mobile phone while in bed.

Age difference
The Intel study shows important differences in attitudes between different age groups. For example, older people have a much lower cap on the behavior of others than the younger generation. 45 percent of the over-55s thinks the mobile usage way is ‘bad’, while in the 18-24 years category, only 14 percent. 82 percent of the young people indicate that they find it no problem to use a mobile device in public, compared to only 23 percent of the over-55s.

A mobile lifestyle is now normal. 45 percent of Dutch people have read his or her e-mail during breakfast, or has checked the latest news on a mobile device. 15 percent do it even before taking a shower. 67 percent of all respondents at least checked whether or not they had any e-mails before walking out the door.

Social Media
While Dutch people are very active in social media, it is mainly the Egyptians (90 percent) and Turks (89 percent) who check their status several times a day. The Dutch don’t really perform that well on that list.

Yet most Dutch people do this at least once a day (37 percent) or several times a week (36 percent) and only 5 percent checks their social network(s) several times per hour.