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Lady Gaga exhibition in Dutch Museum

The Groninger Museum in the Netherlands is in talks with pop star and fashion icon Lady Gaga on an exhibition. , There is nothing really sure”, says a spokeswoman for the museum. “But there is no doubt that someone like Lady Gaga, made a big impact on the fashion world.”

The eccentric singer regularly attracts attention with its eye-catching couture. Last fall Lady Gaga took over the world media with her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards dressed in a dress made of flesh.

The pop diva will be pleased to receive the opening, the spokeswoman of The Groninger Museum confirmed. Previously museum director Kees van Twist managed to get singer Bono of U2 to Groningen for the opening of the exhibition of work by photographer Anton Corbijn.

The Groninger Museum next to the main station reopened after a full refurbishment of over eight months. There is major overhauling the interior and exterior of the museum. The renovation costs nearly 6 million Euros.