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Lady Gaga Loves Dutch Slime Dress Design

We all know that Lady Gaga loves extravagant dresses.

The Dutch artist Bart Hess (27) has designed a “slime dress’ for Lady Gaga from 15 pounds purple-orange slime.

The popular American popstar was smeared with the 15 pounds of purple-orange goo for a photo shoot, reported Hess.

Lady Gaga asked Hess to make the dress following his work for American fashion magazine Vogue. “Gaga loves it, let’s do it,” said a spokesman for the singer after seeing his idea for the ‘slime dress.

To find the right color and texture the artist mixed materials from the supermarket, do-it-yourself store and toy stores. Then he shipped the homemade slime from his studio in Eindhoven to New York.

The dress is shown in the booklet accompanying her CD Born This Way and his slime art is also featured in Gaga’s eponymous video clip.

Hess artwork has featured in an exhibition Milan, London and Paris.

Check out Hess slime dress for Lady Gaga.