Dutch Students Create World’s Largest Multi-Touch Screen

Dutch Students Create World’s Largest Multi-Touch Screen

Students at the University of Groningen created an enormous Multi-Touch screen of almost ten meters long.

At the University of Groningen in the Netherlands scientist can now use the new enormous multi-touch screen. They turned their existing 3D theatre with a big cylindrical screen into one that can detect 100+ simultaneous touches, by using most off-the-shelf hardware components and public domain software.

Apparently size does matter and the result is really impressive. Have a look at the YouTube movie below to see how big and responsive the screen is.

What makes this screen special is its size and the fact that it is a transparent curved screen. The curvature is nice to have because it enhances the feeling of presence. A virtual reality experience is much more intense with such a screen.

The initial goal was to facilitate the scientists studying Geographic Information Systems and a research group that studies interaction methods for touch screens. Having such a huge screen changes the way people interact with data and with each other.

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