Largest solar power installation in Amsterdam

Largest solar power installation in Amsterdam

Alderpersons Carolien Gehrels and Maarten van Poelgeest, together with Truze Lodder, the director of Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, have switched on 350 solar panels on the roof of the renowned concert hall. This solar installation is the largest to be built on one single roof in Amsterdam. It is also the largest solar installation on any concert hall or town hall in the Netherlands. The new solar panels cover approximately 1000 square metres of the building’s roof and will generate as much electricity as would traditionally be consumed by 30 Amsterdam households.

By 2025, the City of Amsterdam aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% (compared to levels in 1990). Het Muziektheater Amsterdam supports this ambition and is a signatory of the covenant ‘De Plantage Amsterdam, the green museum quarter’. The new solar panels will generate 85,000 kWh of energy per year. This will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 52 tons per year. Amsterdam’s City Hall, which is also part of the Stopera complex, has previously received a ‘green roof’ and an energy efficient data centre.

The solar installation was made possible by a grant from the government, which is intended to stimulate the use of renewable energy. The company Yellow Step Solar (a collaboration between International Solar and Greenchoice) will recoup the remaining investment via the proceeds of the energy generated.

The City of Amsterdam and Het Muziektheater Amsterdam will pay no more than the standard fee for the energy generated via the solar panels.
Clean energy

The City of Amsterdam is seeking to break its reliance on the use of fossil fuels. The city’s target is to firstly reduce the amount of energy consumed, and secondly, that the energy required be generated via green techniques and be used more efficiently. To meet the CO2 reduction targets, all clean energy generation techniques must be fully embraced. The City of Amsterdam is therefore intending to lead by example with the installation of solar panels, ‘green roofs’ and efficient data centres.

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