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Laura Dekker allowed to sail around the world

The mother of the 14-year-old girl, Laura Dekker that wants to sail solo around the world, believes her daughter should be given the chance ‘ to realize her dream.

According to an open letter from the mother, which was published in the Dutch newspaper on Saturday.

Babs Muller, who is divorced from the father of Laura, is back at its previous decision.

She stated in an interview last year that she did not want her daughter to sail solo around the world.

Now mother said that the Dutch Youth care Bureau and Child Protection Agency are “criminal organizations”. “The pressures from all court cases by the Dutch Youth care agency and Child Protection Agency must stop, because Laura’s not a criminal, she just wants to sail.”

Laura announced in August last year that she wants to sail around the world alone. The authorities have now stopped her until today.

The Dutch Youth Care Bureau currently supervises the girl. The court in Middelburg extended supervision order in June with a month. The court will examine the issue again on Tuesday.

Photo by WTL photos