Laura Dekker starts crossing the Atlantic Ocean

The 15-year-old solo sailor Laura Dekker has started to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She hopes to bridge the 3500 km to St Martin in three weeks, she reported on her blog.

She is about to begin one of the most dangerous parts of her sailing trip around the world: crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

On August 21 she began her journey in Gibraltar. Then she was two months in the Canary Islands.

Laura won a prolonged battle when a court in Middelburg released her from the guardianship of Dutch child protection agencies that had blocked her attempts to leave last year when she was still 13. The authorities said being alone and absent from school for so long would be harmful for her education and psychological development. That was the last obstacle to the cruise to begin.

If her attempt is successful, she will be the youngest sailor ever to sail around the world. The Australian Jessica Watson now holds the record.

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